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Already by the end of the year 1994 the establishment of an environmental committee was discussed on initiative of the GENERAL STUDENTS' COMMITTEE at the University of Bremen. In the beginning of 1995 the first meeting took place under the direction of Prof. Bernd Jastorff who was instructed by the university management.

With the formation of the environmental committee which, regularly meets once a month, and the nomination of an environmental officer a basic device was placed for an effective environmental management system at the University of Bremen.

While single elements of the system, for example waste management, safe working condition expert, risk prevention officer, person responsible for dangerous material emission, one side doctor and the department 4 with the technical company and building affairs, already work successfully in the environment protection for a longer period of time, now it was the matter of interlinking the activities and of organising a regular exchange of views. That is the only possibility to create decentralised and organised environment protection management synergies in all areas, to avoid double efforts and to discover weak points.

That is why the representatives of the single areas of the environment protection are not limited to one policy unit, but are distributed decentralised within the entire university. Besides the representatives activities they also deal with other activities This has the advantage that they are integrated furthermore into the practical work and get to know not only about technical but also about personal problems that appears in their field of work. The environmental committee at the moment consists of the below mentioned members.
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