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    Sustainability- and environmental guidelines
of the University of Bremen

Social responsibility and action beneficial to the environment are leading aims of the University of Bremen and therefore a central component of all university interests off apprenticeship, research and administration.

To practically implement these aims and encourage to a continuous improvement process and its function as a role model towards the students and employees of the University of Bremen, it commits itself to the following sustainability- and environmental guidelines:

Assure productive efficiency
As a demanding educational institution the university sees its social job in creating and providing of knowledge and abilities. The long-term efficiency of the University of Bremen assumes a responsible cooperation of its members and the available resources.

Energy efficiency and acquaintance with natural resources
In the centre of the sustainability- and environmental activities of the University of Bremen the ambition is a reduction of the use of natural resources, as well as the avoidance of operational damaging effects on environment and health. The university strives to the challenge of the climate neutrality and the increase of the energy efficiency.

Health protection and education for the members of the university
The University of Bremen takes regularly measures for a health supporting organisation of work and study and supports this behaviour for all university members.
It conveys actively health-related, social and cultural initiatives. Besides that the university allows the advanced- and continuing training and education to its members in terms of a sustainable development.

Sustainability and environmental protection in research and apprenticeship
Questions in terms of sustainability and environmental protection are important objects of research and apprenticeship for the University of Bremen. In a huge number of research projects and lectures these subjects are taken up and worked on, therewith they deliver an important input for the scientific, social and political dialogue.  All students have the choice to pursue the bachelor and master courses on the subject of education for a sustainable development.

Participation and transfer in the sustainability context
The University of Bremen is aware of its function as a role model. It also offers forums for exchange. With its scientific competence in research and apprenticeship it contributes for  the protection of the natural environment plus for the spreading of sustainability actions.

Institutionalisation of sustainability and environmental protection
For the practical implementation of the sustainability- and environmental guidelines, the committees and facilities of the University of Bremen support the work in research, apprenticeship and administration, as well as in the student area. The University of Bremen provides a sustainability- and environmental programme in which the purpose and measures are enlisted and discussed. This programme serves as a basis for a continuous improvement of the sustainability- and environmental achievements of the University of Bremen.
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